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There’s nothing quite like riding a motorcycle in Charleston County. The unique coastal scenery and temperate climate provide the perfect setting for motorcyclists. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t risks. Negligent drivers and other parties can cause serious, sometimes fatal accidents.

If you or a loved one was hurt in a motorcycle accident in Mount Pleasant, you will need dedicated legal representation to win the compensation you deserve. It starts with talking to a motorcycle accident lawyer in Mount Pleasant. Give the Hite Law Firm Trial Lawyers a call.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics in Charleston County

According to the latest data available from the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, in 2021, there were 201 motorcycle accident victims in Charleston County. Of these, 53 victims suffered suspected minor injuries, which included a lump on the head, abrasion, bruising, or minor cuts.

40 victims had at least one suspected serious injury. These are major but non-fatal injuries such as lacerations, burns, and paralysis. 11 victims died from their injuries and another 48 experienced injuries.

Frequent Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Many motorcycle accidents are the result of someone else’s negligent conduct. However, to win compensation, it is up to the victim or the victim’s family to establish how the at-fault party caused the wreck. Understanding some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents can help.

They include:

Drivers not seeing the motorcycle

Motorcycles are small, making them difficult to detect in congested traffic. But that doesn’t exempt other drivers from their obligation to watch out for riders. All motorists have a legal duty to drive with reasonable care, and that means paying attention and being aware of motorcycles in their vicinity.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving refers to anything visual, manual or cognitive that diverts a driver’s attention from maneuvering their vehicle and staying alert of any motorcycles sharing the road with them. Actions like using electronics, reaching for items in the car or daydreaming can be the split-second distraction that leads to a collision with a motorcyclist.

Careless driving

This broad category includes several mistakes like failing to yield to the motorcyclist’s right of way. Other examples are not giving motorcyclists enough room and not checking blind spots to see if a motorcycle is near the vehicle. Careless driving is a form of negligence and the driver of the automobile, truck, or other vehicle can be held liable.

Unsafe road conditions

Not all motorcycle accidents are caused by negligent drivers. There are cases in which other parties may be held responsible. One example is the failure of governmental entities to build and maintain safe roads. Suing the city, county, or state is complicated and best left to a skilled motorcycle accident attorney.

Overserving alcohol to a drunk driver

Drunk drivers can be held liable in civil court for causing accidents. In many of these cases, the driver was drunk because a bar, restaurant, or other establishment served him or her too much alcohol. Depending on the circumstances, the party that overserved the drunk driver can also be held liable.

Motorcycle manufacturer

The manufacturer of the motorcycle, or of the parts that were used on the motorcycle, could bear some blame as well. For instance, if the brake system failed, it may be determined that the components used in it were defective. An expert witness will likely be required to explain how the defect contributed to the accident.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Because motorcycles lack the protective steel frames of automobiles and are much smaller in size, a victim can potentially suffer severe and fatal injuries.

Some examples are:

Traumatic brain injury (TBI)

A TBI is more than a head injury. It can alter the entire cognitive function of the brain and have debilitating effects on the victim’s ability to live a normal life. TBI victims frequently experience changes in personality, emotion, and behavior. They may require significant medical treatment long after the accident.

Broken bones

Motorcycle accident victims frequently report broken bones in their arms, legs, ribs, and elsewhere. Bone fractures are painful and require prompt medical attention for proper treatment. Since broken bones can interfere with a victim’s ability to work, he or she can seek lost wages among other damages.

Organ and tissue damage

A victim may suffer internal organ damage that results in bleeding, lost organ function, and other serious complications. Another common injury is damage to the soft tissue such as muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Treatments for both of these injuries vary but can be extensive and may require hospitalization.

Spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries are likely if the motorcycle accident victim experiences injuries to the back or neck. The results could be partial or total paralysis and loss of certain bodily functions. The victim may have a once-promising career cut short and suffer a decreased quality of life.

Road rash

An accident can cause the motorcyclist to come in contact with the road. Even with protective gear, a bad enough wreck can tear away this barrier and cause skin abrasions. This injury is known as road rash and it is often serious and painful.

Can You File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

When motorcycle accident victims die because of their injuries, their surviving loved ones can file a wrongful death lawsuit to seek certain damages. These damages include the victim’s final medical bills, funeral costs, loss of income, and loss of companionship.

The victim’s estate pursues wrongful death lawsuits on behalf of the surviving spouse, children, and possibly other heirs.

Do Insurance Companies Have a Bias Against Motorcyclists?

Insurance companies often try to blame motorcyclists for getting into accidents, playing off of stereotypes that riders are dangerous individuals and reckless drivers. Unfortunately, they have a strong motivation for doing so.

Under South Carolina law, accident victims must be less than 50% responsible for the accident to recover damages. To avoid paying victims, insurers and their attorneys often try to shift blame to the riders.

Why Choose the Hite Law Firm?

When you hire the Hite Law Firm as your motorcycle accident lawyer in Mount Pleasant, we get to work immediately.

We start by investigating the circumstances of your motorcycle accident. During this process, we will determine which parties can be held liable and named as defendants. Our Mount Pleasant personal injury lawyers have a trusted network of expert witnesses, like accident reconstructionists, who can examine the evidence and help establish how the at-fault party caused the accident.

Expert witnesses can also help set the value of your case. For instance, a medical expert can discuss what sort of treatments you may need in the future. This and other information can support the amount of damages you are seeking.

We will work to counter any effort by the defendant, the insurance company, or their lawyers to shift the blame for the accident to you. If these parties are open to negotiating a fair settlement, we will do so and potentially save you the hassle of a trial. But we aren’t afraid to take your case in front of a jury if necessary.

Contact Our Mount Pleasant Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Motorcyclists deserve to enjoy their rides free from the worry that a negligent driver or someone else will cause them injury or death. When that doesn’t happen, the victims have the right to seek justice.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys are here to help. Call the Hite Law Firm at 864-664-2252, or use our online contact form today to get started.

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