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If an inattentive motorist’s negligence in South Carolina has left you injured in Abbeville, you might need a distracted driving attorney. At Hite Law Firm Trial Lawyers, our car accident lawyers can handle your case and advocate for just compensation. We invite you to reach out to our firm to learn more about taking legal action against a distracted driver that harmed you or your family.

South Carolina’s Distracted Driving Problem

Distracted driving is preventable, but when it happens, the consequences can be severe. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a staggering 3,522 people suffered fatal injuries because of distracted driving accidents in 2021.

As technological advances continue to soar, many states have made strict laws regarding cellphone use while driving and South Carolina is no different. State officials warn that the use of a device to read, send or write messages while driving can have serious repercussions and is a violation of the law.

Outside of cellphone use, other distractions also exist that can endanger you and others, including:

  • Eating
  • Conversing with passengers
  • Allowing pets to roam free in the vehicle
  • Tending to children
  • Programming a GPS

Any task that diverts someone’s attention away from the road is extremely dangerous and can drastically increase a driver’s chances of crashing.

Unfortunately, even if you are the most responsible driver, another motorist engaging in dangerous behaviors could cause an accident that you cannot avoid.

Typical Distractions Behind the Wheel

There are other behaviors that few realize could also impact their attention while driving a vehicle. Examples include reading road signs or trying to navigate one’s way to a new destination, or getting behind the wheel after an emotional conversation that makes it difficult to think coherently.

All distractions fit into one or more of three categories.

Visual distractions

Visual distractions include anything that requires someone to look away from the road. Examples include reaching for something that fell in their car, watching roadside activity, or reading a text.

Manual distractions

Manual distractions are activities that require an individual to let go of the steering wheel. Examples include opening a food package, handing something to a child, or writing a text.

Cognitive distractions

Cognitive distractions can happen when a person converses with passengers, especially if the conversation is tense and emotional. Such psychological distractions can also follow emotional events, accompany fatigue or illness, and could even happen due to listening to music.

Regardless of what distracting behaviors caused the accident you were in, a distracted driving attorney can investigate the underlying causes and advocate for compensation on your behalf.

Identifying a Distracted Driver

Proving that the accident you were in happened because of a distracted driver can be a challenge. Collaborating with an experienced attorney at our firm can improve your chances of identifying evidence. Some ways we can identify a distracted driver include:

  • Sudden braking for no apparent reason
  • Failure to maintain lane position
  • Driving at inconsistent speeds
  • Looking down or away from the road
  • Running a red light

Watching for distracted drivers requires you to be always vigilant and aware of your surroundings. Though all accidents resulting from distractions are preventable, they are not always avoidable if you have no time to react to someone that enters your lane of travel.

Getting Compensation From a Distracted Driver

The repercussions of a distracted driving accident can have life-changing effects. The monetary costs of remedying the situation could set you back for years to come when you have inadequate support. Taking legal action may be one of the only ways to secure financial compensation. Our attorneys will do everything possible to acquire the maximum value of your case so you can focus on healing.

Property damage

The costs associated with replacing your vehicle can take a toll, particularly if you cannot work while you recover from physical injuries.

Physical injury

Physical injuries can range from mild to severe and take months or even years to fully recover from. In serious accidents, you may suffer permanent disfigurations or disabilities.

Emotional trauma

The psychological repercussions of a serious car accident can cause PTSD, depression, anxiety, and numerous other mental health disorders.

Lost wages

You will have to take time away from your job to recover and figure out your next steps. The costs of lost income are often astronomical, considering what you will need to continue to pay for rehabilitation.

Do You Need a Distracted Driving Attorney?

Unlike other common causes of car accidents, remember that proving that a distraction caused a crash is difficult, especially in situations where you are left too shaken or incapacitated to discuss your experience right away. A thorough investigation will take time and require the collaboration of multiple parties.

A distracted driving attorney at Hite Law Firm Trial Lawyers can provide reliable guidance after an accident in South Carolina. We can organize the evidence in your case and determine the most effective way to proceed. Contact us today at 864-664-2252 or visit our website to learn about how to schedule a free consultation.

Distracted Driving FAQs

How long do you have to take legal action after a distracted driving accident?

In South Carolina, you have three years to take legal action in most cases. The sooner you can make a case, the better your chances are of a satisfactory outcome. Waiting too long could cloud your memory, jeopardize evidence and compromise the integrity of your claim. Speak to our lawyers to find out the deadline for filing your specific case.

Who is at the highest risk of distracted driving?

Statistics have proven that teenagers and young adults are at the highest risk of distracted driving. However, anyone can succumb to the temptation of multitasking while behind the wheel.

How can you overcome fear after a distracted driving accident?

Feeling comfortable enough to drive again after you experience a car accident takes time. Start small and drive in places with minimal traffic. Keep your expectations realistic, and do not push yourself beyond what feels comfortable.

Ask someone to accompany you the first time you begin driving again. Consider therapy to help you learn about healthy ways of coping with psychological trauma and triggers.

A distracted driving attorney in South Carolina can handle the legal side of things so you can focus on healing and overcoming the nerves that linger because of your experience. Contact Hite Law Firm Trial Lawyers to schedule a consultation today.

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