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A traumatic brain injury significantly alters the life of the injured person and of that person’s family. The physical changes and monetary expense of dealing with such an impairment can quickly become overwhelming.

When the cause of a TBI is due to someone else’s negligence, many victims turn to traumatic brain injury lawyers for practical help. Our catastrophic injury lawyers at Hite Law Firm Trial Lawyers in Abbeville, SC, is a compassionate group ready to advocate for you or a loved one.

Learn how our experienced traumatic brain injury attorneys can offer support. We have the resources to help manage your case from beginning to end so you and those you love can heal and move forward sooner.

What Kinds of Cases Can Our Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers Assist With?

A TBI can take many forms. Here are common cases we address at our office:

Closed-head injuries

Many brain injuries are invisible to the naked eye. Rapid forward or backward movement shakes the head and results in bruising or tearing of blood vessels or brain tissue. Any blunt-force trauma to the body could cause an imperceptible closed-brain injury.

Open-head injuries

The most severe TBIs are open-head injuries. Such wounds occur when an item breaks the skull and penetrates into the head. These injuries might only affect a part of the brain but can also cause immense physical and psychological trauma.

No matter the circumstances or type of wound, traumatic brain injury lawyers from our team can review the case to help a client determine the most likely cause of the accident and the responsible party.

How Do Injuries to the Brain Occur?

Many kinds of incidents could trigger a TBI. If you or a loved one experience any of the following events, immediately consult a medical professional to find out if a traumatic brain injury has occurred.

Motor vehicle collision

One of the most common causes of TBIs is motor vehicle accidents. Cyclists and pedestrians often suffer the worst brain injuries in road accidents and require extensive care to recuperate.

Parties to a crash should receive medical attention after a collision, even if the vehicles do not seem to suffer significant damage. A moderate jolt may be all that is necessary to shake the brain and cause a concussion or more severe TBI.

A slip or fall

The Centers for Disease Control find that most people suffer TBIs due to falls. When a trip, slip or fall occurs on someone else’s property, the property owner or tenant may have liability for the incident.

Workplace injury

On the job, falling items or malfunctioning equipment might hit someone’s head. Also, any of the preceding circumstances could occur at the workplace, affecting how an individual pursues compensation.

Violence or a physical attack

A blow to the head during a violent attack can result in severe trauma. Cases of sustained physical abuse might cause significant brain damage, even if the attacks do not leave physical bruises. For example, adults can easily harm young children by violently shaking them.

After getting an expert diagnosis on the extent of a brain injury, you can discuss your case with Hite Law Firm’s TBI lawyers to determine your next steps.

What Are the Ongoing Effects of a TBI?

A TBI can have lasting consequences that affect various aspects of a person’s life.

Physical and sensory issues

Any of the five senses could begin to degrade quickly after a TBI. A person could suffer persistent headaches and blurred vision. Some people get a strange taste in the mouth and may develop ringing in the ears or other hearing problems. Light sensitivity, vertigo, and drowsiness could occur as well.

Cognitive and behavioral challenges

Cognitive and behavioral issues are some of the worst aftereffects of a TBI. A person can deal with constant confusion, disorientation, and speech difficulties. Others struggle to concentrate or remember things. Uncommon mood swings and personality changes can be another tragic consequence.

These signs indicate the need to get prompt medical attention. If possible, the injured party or a friend or family member should document the symptoms and hold onto medical records. In the hands of our lawyers, we can use this documentation to help prepare a robust case.

What Are the Factors That Affect TBI Settlements in South Carolina?

The size of a settlement for a traumatic brain injury depends on a combination of the following factors.

The severity of the injury

The more severe an injury, the larger the size of the settlement could be. However, the claimant must be able to prove the extent of harm to secure as much compensation as possible.

The time and location of the accident

If the brain injury occurred at work, workers’ compensation provides coverage for employees regardless of who is at fault. However, circumstances may occur where another party has greater liability and must cover expenses.

The personal characteristics of the victim

Two individuals with the same injury might receive different settlements due to unique personal circumstances. Victims who are breadwinners of their families or have exceptional earning capacity may merit higher settlements.

Non-economic damages

Inconvenience, pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life are factors that affect a brain injury victim and incur damages from liable parties. However, these non-economic factors are challenging to quantify and rely on legal precedents. Plaintiffs typically determine the value of cases with the help of close legal counsel.

What Can You Do if Your Child Suffers a Child Brain Injury?

Children’s brains are still developing, so a childhood brain injury can cause irreparable damage that can be difficult to measure. A TBI can interfere with a child’s education, potential future earning capacity, and enjoyment of life, which can warrant substantial compensation.

How Can Our Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers Help?

The road to recovery from a TBI can be a long struggle. Our attentive traumatic brain injury lawyers can help victims determine the correct civil action to pursue. Then, we can handle challenging aspects of the case while you focus on healing.

If you or a loved one needs legal help after a TBI, talk to our traumatic brain injury lawyers at Hite Law Firm Trial Lawyers in Abbeville, SC. A free consultation with our team can be the first step toward mending physically and emotionally.

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