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When you need a daycare accident attorney in Abbeville, SC, contact Hite Law Firm Trial Lawyers. We advocate for the injured and the afflicted. Our law firm specializes in helping children, including children who have been injured at daycare.

If your child has been hurt, our law firm wants to help. Contact our experienced child injury lawyers to discuss what has happened and how we may advocate for your child.

Lawyers for Daycare Accidents in Abbeville, SC

59% of children ages five and under receive regular non-parental care. Of these children, 62% go to daycare. Another 20% receive care from a non-relative outside their home. For these millions of children, the safety of their care is extremely important. When injuries occur, children may suffer lasting injury and even wrongful death.

Injuries to children in daycare are often preventable. Children who are injured may receive financial compensation. Our daycare accident attorneys in Abbeville, SC, represent infants and children. Contact us today to talk about your child.

Examples of Daycare Accidents

Here are some examples of daycare accidents:

  • Falling from an elevated height
  • Drowning
  • Exposure to electrical wiring or currents
  • Chemical exposure and harm
  • Poisoning
  • Choking
  • Food allergy
  • A dog bite or animal attack
  • Objects falling
  • Slip and fall
  • Incidents with other children
  • Toy malfunctions
  • Exposure to sharp objects like scissors
  • Medical overdose, drug exposure

Causes of daycare accidents

  • Improper supervision
  • Inadequate employee training
  • Poor sanitation
  • Lack of CPR training for children and infants
  • Failing to remove dangerous objects from places children can reach
  • Toy manufacturing and design defects
  • Allowing children access to a kitchen or other areas where a burn may occur
  • Slippery floors and carpets, uneven flooring
  • Allowing children to do activities that are not age appropriate
  • Failing to respond appropriately when a child needs assistance
  • Allowing a child to access dangerous chemicals, open electrical outlets
  • Medical errors, giving medication to the wrong child or giving a child the wrong medicine
  • Failing to recognize when a child needs medical assistance

A daycare must take reasonable steps to identify possible risks and mitigate them. Many accidents can be traced to poor employee hiring and training. The daycare facility may not have clear, established procedures. If they have procedures, they may not be sound, or they may not be followed.

Our lawyers can investigate what occurred and represent your child in taking the appropriate action. We are full-service lawyers who can assist you with the steps needed to hold the daycare and the individuals accountable.

FAQs About Daycare Accidents

Can I sue if my child gets hurt at a daycare?

A parent can sue if their child gets hurt at a daycare because of a preventable accident or abuse. A claim may be based on negligent supervision, a danger existing on the premises, negligence, poor employee hiring and training, or intentional harm.

What should you do if your child is injured at daycare?

Seek medical attention immediately if your child is injured at daycare. Gather material evidence by taking photos and videos of your child’s injuries and the accident scene. Save anything tangible that is related to the accident, like clothing or a toy. Take names and contact information for witnesses. Consult a daycare accident or abuse attorney as soon as possible.

How long does a child have to bring a lawsuit for a daycare injury?

Typically, in South Carolina, a person has three years to bring a lawsuit for personal injury. However, because the victim is a minor child, they have until age 19. Usually, it’s best to proceed in a timely manner. Our attorneys can help you build and pursue your case on the appropriate timeline.

How Do I Know If I Have a Daycare Lawsuit for Injury to My Child?

Young children cannot speak for themselves. They may express that they are hurt, or you may notice subtle signs that something is amiss. You may notice:

  • Visible injuries, including cuts, bruises, and broken bones
  • Anxiety, changes in mood
  • Changes in bathroom habits and behavior
  • Sleep and eating changes
  • Avoidance of specific people or situations
  • Not wanting to go to daycare
  • Being hungry or thirsty at pickup
  • Infections or illness, unkempt physical appearance

These are signs that there may be a problem. Usually, the key question is whether what happened was preventable. For example, if a child can access a high surface, they may fall. If they can reach a sharp object, they may get cut. A toy that malfunctioned could have had a better design, or a manufacturing defect occurred. Perhaps an employee needed better training, or they were not qualified for their position.

Our daycare accident attorneys investigate what happened, and we look at all avenues for you to pursue justice for your child. We know that daycare workers and owners are often reluctant to cooperate, wanting to minimize what occurred. That’s why we diligently investigate the evidence and use legal procedures to build the case. Throughout the case, we answer your questions and guide you through the process.

Compensation for a Daycare Accident Injury

If your child’s daycare accident was serious enough to seek medical attention, it’s worth talking to a daycare accident attorney about compensation. Your child may receive compensation for medical bills they have already incurred as well as expenses they will have in the future. They can seek compensation for pain and suffering, emotional anguish, and physical limitations.

If they are likely to need additional care and therapy in the future because of severe injury, these projected expenses can also be a part of the claim for compensation. We look at all opportunities for your child to receive the compensation that will help them and your family heal and move forward.

Consultations Available to Talk to a Daycare Accident Attorney

A daycare accident attorney at Hite Law Firm can help you if your child has been injured while in someone else’s care. There’s no obligation at your consultation, so please contact us to speak with our professional and caring attorneys. We are passionate about helping vulnerable children throughout South Carolina.

To see how we can help you call or message us to talk with our team. We look forward to meeting you.

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