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Hite Law Firm Trial Lawyers child abuse attorneys represent special needs children and families when they are harmed by the actions of others. We will speak for your child and represent them, seeking justice.

Special needs children are especially vulnerable to abuse. They may not be able to speak for themselves or recognize abuse. Institutions and organizations may enable offenders to deny accountability. At Hite Law Firm, we are a voice for abused children. Our team understands the unique circumstances of special needs children who are abused. It is our goal to advocate for the afflicted, giving families justice as they heal and look to the future.

We invite you to contact us to talk about your child. We can discuss what happened, what your options are, and how you might proceed. See how our lawyers can help and get to know our team. Contact us today.

Settings where a special needs child should be protected, are the very places where they may be harmed. Abuse may occur in:

  • Schools
  • Daycares
  • Special needs educational programs
  • Private therapy and skills training organizations
  • Extra-curricular clubs and organizations
  • Civil groups and charities
  • Churches and religious organizations
  • Sports programs
  • Hospitals or mental health facilities
  • Group Homes or Institutions

Perpetrators may be held accountable through legal action. Our lawyers specialize in representing abuse victims. To see how we can help your child, reach out to us to discuss your child’s situation.

Signs of Abuse and Sexual Abuse in Special Needs Children

Abuse of special needs children is not always easy to detect. A child may not understand what abuse is or recognize that it has happened to them. They may be threatened or manipulated to keep silent.

Here are some signs that abuse may have occurred:

  • A change in the child’s emotional regulation. They may be more anxious, angry, or upset than normal
  • Regression in independence and personal habits
  • Changes in bathroom habits and behavior, bed wetting or soiling clothes
  • Wanting to avoid certain people and activities
  • Decline in school work
  • Sexual knowledge or behavior that is inappropriate for their age
  • Physical aggression, harm to themselves, others or animals
  • Poor concentration, social withdrawal

Abuse may happen once or multiple times. There may be one offender, or there may be many people involved. Organization leaders and administrators may allow the person to continue having access to children despite knowing they have a history of abuse.

Can a Lawsuit Be Brought Against a School for Special Needs Child Abuse?

A lawsuit can be brought against a school or other organization for allowing the abuse of a child. Whether the offender is an adult employed by the school or another student, the school may be liable for failing to adequately protect the child from abuse.

A special needs child who is in the care of adults should be protected from harm. That means if an employee or volunteer has a known history or likelihood of abusing children, adequate steps must be taken to protect children from harm. If another child has a history of threatening or harming others, the organization must take steps to protect vulnerable children.

Not surprisingly, schools and other organizations have many ways to downplay or minimize abuse. Some simply blame the child for being vulnerable or not being physically able to stop the abuse. This is unacceptable. Abuse of a special needs child is never acceptable – morally or legally – in South Carolina.

Civil Case for Special Needs Child Abuse

A perpetrator of special needs child abuse may face criminal charges. However, in South Carolina, criminal charges are not the only avenue for justice. A victim may pursue their own civil claim.

The civil claim has a lower standard of proof, and it allows for the school or organization to be held accountable in addition to the offender themselves. A civil claim may result in compensation to the victim. This compensation can be invaluable for the healing of the child as well as a representation of justice and accountability for the harm that has occurred.

How our lawyers can help

When your child has been abused, our attorneys can help your family through the legal process. We can:

  • Explain special needs child abuse laws in South Carolina and how they allow victims to hold offenders accountable
  • Gather evidence when you’re up against powerful institutions who do not want to admit liability
  • Prepare and file legal documents identifying the grounds for your child’s claim
  • Claim the appropriate damages, proving the value of the case
  • Continue to advocate for your child throughout the case
  • Represent your child throughout the legal process, including court appearances
  • Engage in settlement negotiations
  • Answer your questions and serve as your guide

We appreciate the unique challenges when a claim involves a special needs child. The impact of abuse on the child may be great. Already facing personal challenges, they may have additional hardships because of abuse. The compensation that they receive may pay for medical treatment, physical therapy, and counseling. They may also receive compensation for pain and suffering and the mental trauma of being an abuse victim.

The offender should be held responsible. In addition, any organization that silenced the victim, downplayed the abuse, and allowed it to continue may be held legally responsible in South Carolina.

Many special needs child abuse claims are based on negligent supervision and management of employees. Our lawyers understand the legal standards and will pursue all avenues to advocate for your child.

Consultations Available – Talk to a Lawyer

If your child has been the victim of abuse, or if you have questions about evaluating a situation, we invite you to talk to the Hite Law Firm child abuse attorneys in Abbeville, SC. We are proud to represent the most vulnerable among us. Our experienced team has roots in the Abbeville community.

Work with the law firm holding the Martindale-Hubbell® AV® rating for the highest professional skill and ethics. A consultation is free, and there is no obligation, so you have nothing to lose by contacting us to learn more. If your child has been abused, we want to help you. Call or message us now to talk to our team.

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