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Hite Law Firm Trial Lawyers are child injury and abuse lawyers serving Abbeville and the whole of South Carolina. We are advocates for children and their families. A person who is young needs special care when they need legal representation.

Our team of legal professionals is proud to help children. With skilled and compassionate legal representation, we help children heal and prepare for the future.

If your child has been hurt, our team can assist you. Contact Hite Law Firm to talk to a child abuse lawyer in Abbeville today.

We do not practice DSS family law cases. We work on behalf of children who are victims of abuse and injuries.

Types of Child Injury and Abuse Claims We Handle

Car accidents

A child who is in a car accident may receive financial compensation. The funds they receive can help with medical bills and expenses. It can recognize their suffering and the impact the accident has had on the child’s life.

Pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian accidents are especially dangerous for children. Drivers must use care and caution, knowing that pedestrians may be children. We can represent an injured child in a claim for compensation.

Dangerous and defective products

Children may be hurt by a product that malfunctions or because of a dangerous design. Some products are specifically designed for children, like car seats, children’s clothing, furniture, and other products that can be defective. When they cause injury, the child may deserve compensation.

Amusement park incidents

Amusement park rides for children should be designed and operated with young people in mind. All operations at an amusement park must be carried out with safety in mind. When a child is hurt, our lawyers can help.

Attractive nuisances

A child may trespass to go to a swimming pool, pond, trampoline, or other attraction. Property owners have a duty to secure their property, knowing that children may be harmed if they enter.

Dangerous property conditions

Dangerous property conditions may cause injury to a child in a variety of ways. An object may strike a child, they may fall, or they may be exposed to a toxic shock, drowning hazards, or a harmful substance. Our lawyers can investigate what occurred and assist your child with legal representation.

Animal attacks, dog bites

A child who is hurt by a dog bite or attacked by an animal may receive compensation. Even if the animal is owned by a friend or relative, it may still be possible to bring a claim.

Assault and battery, sexual assault

Children who are intentionally harmed deserve justice. Our lawyers can advocate for your child.

Medical malpractice

Medical malpractice can harm children. A child may not be able to speak for themselves. We can work to identify medical malpractice and provide the scientific proof needed to support a claim.

Birth injury

A birth injury can devastate a family during what should be a time of joy. Our lawyers are here to advocate for your family and the future needs of the child.

Abuse and neglect

We are lawyers who are passionate about the rights and needs of children who are victims of abuse and neglect. We are equipped to stand up for your child and fight for justice.

Harm in care and custody of the state

A child who is hurt in the care and custody of the state deserves professional legal representation. Our lawyers can seek answers and accountability.

Current and future medical bills

A legal claim on behalf of an injured child must address both the present and the future. Personal injury often impacts a child for years to come – even for a lifetime. It would be unfair for a child to recover compensation for damages and ways that they are impacted only until their case is resolved. Fortunately, South Carolina law recognizes this problem and allows a child to seek current and future damages.

Future damages may be a significant part of a child injury or abuse claim. Future damages may include medical bills, therapy, care needs, and non-economic damages like suffering, changes to lifestyle, and impact to life expectancy. Our lawyers for child injury and abuse in Abbeville ensure that future damages are fairly assessed in your child’s claim.

Lawyers for Child Injury and Abuse in Abbeville, SC

Hite Law Firm represents people who are injured and seeking justice. We especially love to focus on helping children.

Here are some of the reasons families have relied on us when they need legal help following an injury or abuse to a young person:

  • We are extensively experienced in representing children. Our team understands the unique needs of a child with a personal injury claim and the laws and procedures that apply to claims involving children.
  • Having five decades of experience practicing law, we have represented many children all over the State of South Carolina. We’re prepared to address the unique issues of your child’s situation.
  • We are a family-oriented firm. That means communicating with you throughout the case and giving you the information you need. Our goal is not to just file legal paperwork. It is to truly represent your interests, looking at the big picture for your entire family.
  • Our team holds the AV® rating from Martindale-Hubbell®. Work with a top-rated, award-winning team.

We invite you to contact us. Meet us in one of our offices, or we can talk to you at home or in the hospital. Phone consultations are available.

The Hite Law Firm Abbeville, SC, child injury and abuse lawyers handle a wide variety of claims involving injury and harm to children. Contact us today to talk about your situation.

Child Injury and Abuse Lawsuit – FAQs

Can a minor file a lawsuit in South Carolina?

A minor has legal rights in South Carolina. However, they must have a representative sue on their behalf. The representative may be a guardian, committee, conservator, or other fiduciary. Without a duly appointed representative, the next friend or guardian ad litem may sue on their behalf. If the minor doesn’t already have a person to sue on their behalf, the court can appoint a guardian ad litem. (Rule 17(c)).

At age 14, the minor can petition to have a guardian ad litem appointed. Under age 14, a parent, guardian, relative, or friend may petition on their behalf.

Can a child have a lawyer represent them in a personal injury claim?

Legal representation for a child in a personal injury claim is critical to protecting their rights. A claim must look at the short and long-term needs of the child, claim the appropriate amount of compensation and plan for a management system for the funds received.

In South Carolina, can I sue for my child’s personal injury if I paid my child’s medical bills?

South Carolina law allows parents who pay their child’s medical bills from a personal injury to bring a lawsuit for compensation.

In South Carolina, is the statute of limitations to file a lawsuit different for children?

Although the South Carolina statute of limitations for personal injury is three years for adults, the statute of limitations for children is usually their 19th birthday, but there are exceptions to these general guidelines. Our attorneys can assess your particular situation.

Are claims involving minors handled differently in South Carolina?

There are special settlement procedures to follow in South Carolina for claims involving a minor. The petitioner must file to have the settlement approved by the court. They must tell the court about the facts of the claim, attorney’s fees and expenses, and why the settlement is in the best interests of the minor child.

Does South Carolina award pain and suffering to a child who is the victim of personal injury?

A child who suffers a personal injury may claim economic and non-economic damages, including pain and suffering. In fact, their pain and suffering compensation may be significant because of their long life expectancy and the way that the injury may impact them for years to come.

Can I sue for emotional distress if my child is injured in a personal injury accident?

South Carolina law recognizes bystander liability if a parent witnesses their child being hurt. Parents may also bring a claim in the event of the wrongful death of their child. However, a parent does not receive compensation for missing work or for their own emotional anguish relating to the personal injury of their child.

What if a parent causes a car accident – can a child sue the parent for compensation?

A child who is in a car accident may file a lawsuit for compensation. The court appoints a guardian ad litem to represent the interests of the child in the case.

Talk to a Child Injury Lawyer in Abbeville, SC

If your child has been hurt, we invite you to talk to our child injury and abuse attorneys. Representing children is what we do. We are proud to be there for people who need us, including children who need professional and caring legal representation.

Your child may receive financial compensation. Through the legal process, you may receive justice, answers, and accountability for what has occurred.

Talk to our child injury lawyers today. Call or message us to connect and let us learn of your situation. We look forward to meeting you.

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